Think Like a Cartoonist

A Celebration of Humor and Creativity
think like a cartoonist
Discover some of the brilliant and often funny ways people from all walks of life have successfully tapped into their inner genius—portrayed through a collection of essays accompanied by whimsical Rubes® cartoons. May their stories inspire you to Think Like a Cartoonist! You can buy this book from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and RIT Press.,

Zoo in a Box Calendars and Wall Calendars by Rubes®

Whether commenting on the absurd or making a joke out of the unexpected, Leigh Rubin brings a fresh and funny perspective to your day with his Zoo in a Box daily desk calendars or monthly Wall Calendars.

Give the gift that keep on giving 365 days a year! Hey, we all need a laugh so go ahead, c'mon and get your silly on!

Zoo in a Box Calendars

Zoo in a Box Calendar for 2024
The new 2024 Rubes Zoo in a Box daily desk calendar is now available! Purchase through: Amazon.

Helpful cartoon recycling tip:
After peeling off the cartoon each day from the Rubes® Zoo in a Box daily desk calendar you can jot reminders to yourself to be sure to look at the next day's calendar page! Then you can create your own funny little fleet of origami paper airplanes!

Helpful digital recycling tip for the Zoo in a Box daily desk cartoons:
Why not spread the silliness by using your smart phone to take a photo of the daily Rubes® cartoon and texting it to a co-worker, friend or family member!


Rubes 2024 Wall Calendars are now available direct from Amazon!

2024 Wall Calendars

The Wall calendars are available with several different titles. They allow ample room for you to jot memos, appointments and reminders for each day. Begin each month with a laugh, but no peeking ahead!

In addition to designing Zoo in a Box and Wall Calendars Rubes® also appears in advertising, television and the big screen. For more information, join Leigh at one of his hilarious speaking events, or see his news page. You can also see the Rubes® daily cartoon, sign up for his newsletter, or purchase his, prints and cartoon books in his store.