Rubes® Cow Guitar

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Each of Leigh's Rubes ® "Moosic-Man" guitars is a one of a kind, hand-painted and┬ásigned, custom piece of collectable cartoon art. If you're interested in owning one or just want more information, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Making moosic: Santa Maria Sun, March 7, 2012.
cow guitar back
Leigh Rubin teamed up with Ernie Ball guitars to create his latest work of cartoon art. Some people can look at a guitar and see a finely crafted instrument. Leigh Rubin looked at a guitar and saw a cow.

Terry Lawless, Keyboardist for U2 and Unfinished Business and Unfinished Business lead guitarist Ed Miller
Unfinished Business Band

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Unfinished Business

Unfinished Business lead guitarist Ed Miller with Leigh and Teresa Rubin, 9-11-11.
Unfinished Business Band

Ernie Ball-Rubes "Moosic Man"
Guitar (front) sketchErnie Ball-Rubes "Moosic Man" Guitar Front

Ernie Ball-Rubes "Moosic Man" Guitar
(back) sketch
Ernie Ball-Rubes Moosic Man Guitar Back

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