Rubes® on TV and Film

Leigh Rubin interviewed by Mike Johansson of RIT School of CommunicationCuriosity & Creativity: A discussion with Leigh Rubin, creator of the cartoon 'Rubes'
On April 27,2019 cartoonist Leigh Rubin ('Rubes') sat down to discuss curiosity and creativity with RIT School of Communication professor Mike Johansson. The discussion was held in Ingle Auditorium on the campus of the Rochester Institute of Technology during the annual Imagine RIT: Imagination and Creativity Festival. The interview was part of a special 1-credit class offered by RIT's School of Individualized Study called Curiosity & Creativity and taught by Johansson.

Leigh with Ryan Johnson
Drawing Inspiration: Cartoonist Rubin, filmmaker Johnson to debut TV pilot at Design Week Portland. Jennifer Best, Santa Maria Times, April 13, 2018.

Leigh Rubin's animated opening credits from ''Moola'' the film directed by Don Most and starring William Mapother, Treat Williams and Charlotte Ross.

Rubes® as seen in the 1999 Academy Award winning film American Beauty (Yep, that's Kevin Spacey's reflection in the computer monitor).
Rubes' cartoon in American Beauty

Rubes' cartoon used in American Beauty film

Rubes Cartoons starring the bumbling Bernard Shorts (B.S.) as seen on national television.

These Rubes 5 second shorts aired on National TV before and after commercial breaks.