Greeting Cards by Rubes®

Order hilarious Rubes® greeting cards for friends and family for Christmas, Easter, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Congratulations, Father's day, Mother's day and more. These cards are 5"x7" and come with text on the inside with envelopes included. Discounts available for buying in bulk.

Show that special someone how truly extra special they really are!

Why not make someone's birthday, anniversary, retirement, etc, etc, etc, extra fun by sending them a super-duper Rubes® greeting card? Not only are these cards recyclable, they are also suitable for framing! *

* Frames and recycling bins not included

Here's a helpful Rubes® tip to recycle Rubes® greeting cards:

When writing inside the card be sure to write in pencil, that way the person you send it to can simply erase the pencil and reuse and recycle the card by writing a new message and sending the card to a another friend or family member! For best results write lightly so the pencil writing is easier to erase.

Rubes® Trivia:

Did you know that the very first Rubes® greeting card was sold in 1979 for a whopping 50 cents? Ah, the good old days!

Announcing a brand new line of Rubes® greeting cards!

Dozens of cards to select from! Old and new classic Rubes® cards for many occasions! greeting cards
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Following is just a small sampling of other greeting cards available.

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In addition to designing greeting cards Rubes® also appears in advertising, television and the big screen. For more information, see our news page or join Leigh at one of his hilarious speaking events. You can also sign up for his newsletter, see the daily Rubes® cartoon or purchase his wall calendars, prints, cartoon books, and his famous Zoo in a Box Calendar in his store.